Map Released

For all of you waiting to see a map of the Quad Trax ATV club #5 trail system that is legal and good to ride here it is.. We couldn’t have put this together without the countless hours of all who have donated their time, tools and expertise. As well there are has been so many donate machinery, materials and hard cold cash which again none of this would be possible without all of this support. Please ride and stay on only the trails that are marked and signed as that’s all for┬ánow that is legal. We have many small groups working in many different directions to extend what is already built just please stay to what’s signed so we don’t hamper further development with the trails. The landowners have been so very gracious to let us use what we have so far and there is many kms and good times to come… Thanks again to all who have made this possible and get ready for a Great 2018 riding season.