Spring Thaw – Trails Closed
Trails Closed Spring Sign

Spring Thaw – Trails Closed

Spring is here and with the thaw coming we have decided to close the trails to prevent damage to the properties. Please respect this closure and the land owners property by staying off the trails until further notice.

Trails Closed Spring Sign
Trails Closed Spring Sign

Trails Open

As of 7pm tonight all closed trails signs and ropes have been removed. The trails are open but please everyone use caution as there may be trees down. If you come along any and can not get them removed or around them with out going off the trail then please turn around. We must respect the landowners property.

Trails Closed Until Further Notice

Due to the amount of rain we have had in the last couple of weeks we have decided to close the trails to prevent damage to the properties.  Please respect this closure and the land owners property by staying off the trails until things either dry up or the temperatures drop and it freezes up.


Trails Closed

Trails Closed

Thank You For Your Support

The Quad Trax Club would like to express our appreciation for everyone’s generosity in supporting our Club’s online auction. THANK-YOU for all the generous donations!!!. Our auction was a huge success, in part due to all your help, both to the people who have donated and to all the bidders too!

Your generosity will directly benefit the expansion of our trails as we continue to work on making them better and expanding on to new locations.

We were ecstatic with the end result of our Bids to Build auction, having raised a total of $11,205.00. This could not have been such a success without all your generosity.

Once again, a heartfelt THANK-YOU to everyone, and hope to see you out on the trails!

Quadtrax Trails Are Open

Things are drying up and we have have the new connector trail over to the Connolly Wood Rd connected. Please obey all No Trespassing signs as land owners have asked us not to drive in these areas any longer. We need to respect their wishes as without them we would have no trails to ride legally. There is still lots of maintenance work to do on the trails so please bare with us as we get them back into top shape.

Our online map has been updated to reflect the route changes.

There will be an excavator on the trails tomorrow morning so please use caution. (May 27, 2018)

Please respect all signage on the trails.


Trails Still Closed but lots of work getting done

There was a group of nine volunteers out today replacing a very long fence on the trail in Albany . Installing a gate as per the land owners request and installed a culvert and trench to divert water out of the farmers field. Here are a few photos of today’s adventures:

Replacing old Fence

Lots of water in the field.

Scott ad Kevin taking culvert over to our new ditch.

Ditch on outside of our fence to assist in drying up farmers field and dry up or trail.

Installing culvert to divert water away from field and trail

Transit set up and unwinding fence

New Fence looks great. Wider trail here for us now and protecting farmers crop.

Trails Closed

Trails Closed Signs

The Quad Trax ATV Club #5 is officially CLOSING ALL OF OUR ATV TRAIL SYSTEM for the next little bit. Let’s not ruin this Great thing we have worked so hard to gain.

We have put up TRAIL CLOSED signs at most of the entrance points to the trail system PLEASE RESPECT THEM and be patient until the CLOSED signs come back down and the trails reopen.
We are asking everyone to please stay out of and off of the trails until it dries up a bit.

We don’t want anybody cutting up farmers fields or landowners property that our trails are in or on.
I hope we can have everybody’s cooperation. It was great winter of riding now we must wait till it dries up enough to get back out and enjoy riding these great trails over the spring and summer months to come.

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Tignish ATV club still had lots of snow and some runs coming up, time to trailer up and check out their great trails and club house.

Map Released

For all of you waiting to see a map of the Quad Trax ATV club #5 trail system that is legal and good to ride here it is.. We couldn’t have put this together without the countless hours of all who have donated their time, tools and expertise. As well there are has been so many donate machinery, materials and hard cold cash which again none of this would be possible without all of this support. Please ride and stay on only the trails that are marked and signed as that’s all for now that is legal. We have many small groups working in many different directions to extend what is already built just please stay to what’s signed so we don’t hamper further development with the trails. The landowners have been so very gracious to let us use what we have so far and there is many kms and good times to come… Thanks again to all who have made this possible and get ready for a Great 2018 riding season.

Volunteers Wanted

The East Prince Quad Trax ATV Club is looking for volunteers. Last year we opened over 30 km of legal trails in the Borden, Bedeque and Kinkora area. This year we have plans to create more trails for our growing sport, but we need your help.
How can you Help:
– Volunteer for a work party building and maintaining trails.
– Volunteer in kind services to help with trail development such as equipment, lumber for bridges etc.
– Help with fundraising. Funds are used for trail development.
– Perhaps you would be interested in joining our club.
Any help you can offer would be appreciated.
If you are interested, fill out the information on this form and someone will be in touch with you.
Thank You,
East Prince Quad Trax Executive

Thank you 2017 Sponsors

Thank you written with penNow that 2017 is coming to an end, as President of the Quad Trax Atv Club & on behalf of our team, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the overwhelming support we have received during this past year. Due to your generosity of signed land use agreements, donations (building supplies, trail cams, monetary gifts, equipment, services, etc) & countless volunteer hours,  we have been able to expand our trail system to over 40+ kms of legal trails. Having been able to sign land agreements with over 100 pieces of private property (without you this would not be possible), this is a huge accomplishment for our club and we are forever thankful for all the support we have received.

We look forward to continued growth in 2018 along with your continued support.

Thank You!

List of Donors 2017:
Maritime Electric Ltd.
The Dental Centre
Brendon Cameron
Gordon Waddell
Spud Sherren
Island Coastal Services Ltd.
Canadian Residential Inspection Services (Clair Warren)
Centennial Auto-Sport & Tire
Curran & Briggs Ltd.
Matt Arsenault
Monaghan Farms (Derrick Curley)
Carstar (Summerside)
Mike’s Bike Salvage
Howatt’s Shell
Big Dog Convenience (Kinkora Location)
Gass’s General Store
We Dig It Excavating Services (Ben Mellish)
Cory’s Forestry Ltd.
Elite Grass and Snow Services (Tony Ware)
O’Sheas Pub and Eatery
Kensington Agricultural Services
Kinkora Fire Department
McCardle Seed
Bell’s Irving
PowerLine Lodge (George Webster)


Rod Clow
President, East Prince Quad Trax Atv Club