Route 504 Update


Please use caution on the new route 504 as it is only approx. 5ft wide in a few areas. We will come back in the spring and widen it back. Take note of that the land owners do not want us riding in area marked in red on the map below. PleaseĀ  only use the area marked as Route 504 when heading from or to the Connelly Wood road. Remember that without these land owners being so generous in allowing us to ride and make trails through their properties there would be no legal trails on PEI.

Below are some photos of the new trail as it was built.




Brookvale Bridge Complete

Complete CBC Story

Brookvale Completed Bridge

Searletown Bridge Upgraded

Searltown Bridge

Middleton Bridge Upgrade

Middleton Bridge

Bridge off Murray Rd Upgraded

Bridge off Murray Rd

Route 504 Progress

Route 504 Quad with rake Route 504 smooth trail Route 504 Excavtor and Quad