Trails Closed

Trails Closed Signs

The Quad Trax ATV Club #5 is officially CLOSING ALL OF OUR ATV TRAIL SYSTEM for the next little bit. Let’s not ruin this Great thing we have worked so hard to gain.

We have put up TRAIL CLOSED signs at most of the entrance points to the trail system PLEASE RESPECT THEM and be patient until the CLOSED signs come back down and the trails reopen.
We are asking everyone to please stay out of and off of the trails until it dries up a bit.

We don’t want anybody cutting up farmers fields or landowners property that our trails are in or on.
I hope we can have everybody’s cooperation. It was great winter of riding now we must wait till it dries up enough to get back out and enjoy riding these great trails over the spring and summer months to come.

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Tignish ATV club still had lots of snow and some runs coming up, time to trailer up and check out their great trails and club house.